Middle Years Literacy

Literacy is a lifelong process, and something that needs continual practice and refinement. We know as educators that we cannot do this work without the support of families.

In Grades K-5 we typically see a lot of parent involvement in their students' reading and writing progress. This involvement usually starts to wane by the time students reach Grade 6, as parents/guardians may assume their students are doing well on their own, or the students have expressed a strong disinterest in reading. Parents/guardians may also be unsure of how to support their older students in reading at home: organizing shared reading times becomes more difficult as schedules become more complex and students' interest in reading together decreases.

There are still many ways that parents can support the reading process and continue to help students build the skills to be successful. We have prepared a series of handouts and videos to help parents understand how they can continue to support the reading process at home.

Each session will focus on a specific reading comprehension strategy and ways in which you can support your child at home. We hope that you find them helpful.