It is indeed a privilege to spend days watching children grow, learn and develop. Children bring with them a unique kind of curiosity, energy and zest for life. We believe it is our role to provide an environment that facilitates the best possible place to grow and learn. An environment that is trusting and encouraging will enable each child to feel comfortable enough to take "risks" to learn, enabling them to reach their potential. Each child is unique. Each has their own set of background experience, interests, characteristics and abilities.

We will endeavour to plan, adapt and/or change instruction to meet the particular needs of each child. A variety of learning experiences using various instructional strategies will be implemented to meet many different styles of learning. We are committed to the growth of skills and attitudes in each developmental area (social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and creative).

Please always feel welcome to drop into the kindergarten whenever you can. We encourage you to contact us regarding any questions you may have. We want you to know how your child is progressing and to always feel very well informed.

We want your child's first year in school to be the best beginning filled with happy and successful experiences.

More information about our Kindergarten program can be found in the slideshow below.