Options & CTF Programs

Tuesday Options

Please note: In order to reduce cohort sizes, CTF option courses for Grades 6-9 will not begin first thing in the fall. These courses will be postponed until later in the year.


Foodies Unite! - Mrs. Khondowe

Hungry? We will be exploring and creating some easy to prepare meals that leave Mr. Noodles in the cupboard! You will learn about meal nutrition and finding a balance between good food and good taste. As a chef, you will share in the production of meals, and also in the responsibility of proper and timely clean up. Sound yummy? Sign up.  

Please Note: Students must specify dietary restrictions and allergies.

Cost: $40

Marvelous Mentors - Mrs. Schamehorn

Younger children naturally look up to students in the higher grades. Being a positive role model while helping younger students helps them to grow and learn. You will have the opportunity to assist younger students individually or in groups, helping them complete classwork, practice the basics and participate in other teacher-directed activities.

Beauty Business - Mrs. Harach

Let’s get dolled up! Through research, hands-on experience and guest speakers, students in this option will learn about hair care, make-up application, nail care, skin science, safety and sanitation, and Henna design and application. We will also explore areas of salon management, such as basic operational skills, communication, organization and leadership.

Cost: $30

Hand Sewing - Mrs. Zakresky

Throughout our course, we will be learning how to follow a pattern to create a product such as a stuffed animal. Students will be learning hand stitching techniques to apply to future sewing aspirations.

Cost: $20

American Sign Language - Mrs. Burgess

Learn to communicate without even speaking! Sign Language is one of the most interesting and unique forms of communication, and is a very important asset to have in a changing and more inclusive world.

Strategy & Design - Mr. Adams

What common skills are required to play board games? Is it all up to chance? Do you control your own destiny?

During this challenge, you will develop different strategies for different games, and then apply this knowledge to create a product of your own.

Cost: $5

Meditation - Mr. Byrne

Do you find it difficult to relax your mind? Are you overwhelmed by too many thoughts? If so, meditation might be right for you.

Meditation is a practice that can benefit anyone. Unfortunately, its practice is often presented in a confusing and complicated way. This course will make it clear, simple and easy for you to meditate.

Be prepared to sit in silence and record thoughts. Students must be open to the beginning stages of meditation, and some of the challenges that it presents.

Animation Studios - Mr. Lang

Mr. Lang will walk you through tutorials on how to create animated 2D videos using Animaker, an online program. For your term project, you will create an animated version of a short story of your choosing (or selected by Mr. Lang). Your video will include animated characters that you will voice yourself. 

Cost: $10 for animation program

One Act - Mrs. Dallinger

Do you crave the stage? Do you see yourself in lights? Join us for the One Act Festival option! 

We will create an entertaining play to present to parents and friends, and to perform at the Zone II Junior One Act Festival in Barrhead. Students will work during class to prepare for an end-of-term performance for family and friends, and then may choose to keep working after school in April so they can present at the festival.

If you are unable to attend the festival with our troupe, don't let that stop you: you will present at the end of term, and can choose whether or not to continue! Come hear the applause!

Cost: $25

Working With Clay - Mrs.Haggarty

You will be using clay (and possibly plaster), and will be learning techniques to coil, slab, join and sculpt, and how to properly set up, store, and clean up after your work. Projects may include simple pinch pots, taco fish, “ugly mugs”, cell phone amplifiers, or other items, depending on your creativity!

This class requires independent creativity,  the ability to persevere through challenges, and a willingness to listen, watch and learn. Students who do not pay the course fee up front will not be permitted to take part.

Cost: $25

Hockey - Mr. McNaughton

It's not winter in Canada without a little hockey! In this option, you will develop your skating, stick handling, passing and shooting skills, and explore the history of the game in Canada and the world. Time to channel your inner McDavid!

Students will need their own skates/helmet/stick for this option.

Cost: $20

Thursday Options

Functional Fitness - Mr. Byrne

This CTF will guide you through how to develop a training program that uses functional movements. You will also gain a greater understanding of why exercise has amazing life long benefits - both mental and physical.

Functional Fitness is geared towards students who are just beginning their fitness journey, all the way to athletes who are training for the next sports season. We will be travelling to a local gym for part of the term. Be prepared to have fun and sweat!

Cost: $40

Foodies Unite! - Mrs. Khondowe

Hungry? We will be exploring and creating some easy to prepare meals that leave Mr. Noodles in the cupboard! You will learn about meal nutrition and finding a balance between good food and good taste. As a chef, you will share in the production of meals, and also in the responsibility of proper and timely clean up. Sound yummy? Sign up.  

Please Note: Students must specify dietary restrictions and allergies.

Cost: $40

Travel Around the World - Mrs. Harach

What are the most interesting countries in the world? What are some of the many sites that you could visit to get an authentic experience if you were to visit certain foreign countries? Do you know what you need to in order to be safe in different countries if you were to visit them?

In this course, we will explore a variety of countries on different continents, as well as the many activities to do and interesting sites to see in each one of them. We will also learn about the rules and restrictions there are in different countries that travelers need to know to keep themselves safe! Finally, we will touch on how to book flights and accommodations for the best price, and to learn how to travel on a budget.

Drama - Mrs. Schamehorn

Do you like to act? Do you enjoy directing? Then this is the CTF for you!

Be a creative genius when you direct, perform, and design and build sets for your own play! You will have the opportunity to choose a short play to direct or perform in. You will get to create your set, choose costuming, and then perform. Come prepared to show off your talents! 

Film Studies - Mr. Lang

Move over Ebert & Roper - Prescott film reviewers are taking over!

In the challenge, students will explore the elements of effective filmmaking and gain an understanding of editorial writing techniques by viewing a variety of films and writing movie reviews. Titles selected will cover a variety of genres and periods, and students will have the freedom to express their inner voice and preferences. Students will also discover what makes a film and review “good”.

In addition, students will work in groups to create their own short films based on the techniques learned and discussed in class.

How To: Part Two! - Mr. Adams

Create your own how-to videos with none other than Mr. Adams! Using green screens and video editing apps, you will learn how to make videos that have intro/outro animations, create music that is mixed by you, and combine video clips together to entertain people about a self-interest topic. In Part Two, students who have taken this CTF previously can continue to further their video editing skills by completing advanced modules.

Cost: $5

Basketball 101 - Mr. McNaughton & Mrs. Burgess

Regardless of whether you're a seasoned pro or have never bounced a ball, this option has something for you. We will develop basic skills, explore advanced strategies and have a lot of fun working together as a team.

Digital Photography - Mrs. Haggarty

In this class, we are going to learn some of the techniques and editing tools to help you ZOOM in on building your artistic skills. In each class, you will be given some instruction, and an assignment in which you will shoot, upload, edit and save your photo in your Google Classroom portfolio. Your photography will be highlighted in our school announcements and displays!


  1. Participants must have a Chromebook and a phone/device that can take and upload photos to Google Classroom. 
  2. Participants will sign a special tech agreement that aligns with our “no cell phone” policy in regards to texting and social media. 
  3. Participants must be trustworthy and willing to abide by the participation expectations that will be outlined in the first class.

Sewing Machine 101 - Mrs. Zakresky

Are you interested in learning some basic sewing or needlework skills that you can use to create and even design your own projects? This CTF will help you build your sewing skills with a sewing machine, and explore a variety of self-directed projects that could also involve knitting or crocheting. There will be a combination of pre-determined projects (which focus on developing essential skills) and individual projects (where you will be able to choose your own pattern - or even remix an existing pattern!).

Cost: $35

Please note: Options are subject to change depending on student interest. Challenges may be added, changed or deleted.