Options & CTF Programs

Options are subject to change depending on student interest. Challenges may be added, changed or deleted.

The courses listed are for Grades 7-9 (Tuesday & Thursday).

Term 2 - Course Descriptions

Beauty Business - $40

Let’s get dolled up! Through research, hands-on experience and guest speakers, you’ll learn about hair care, makeup application, nail care, skin science, safety & sanitation and henna design and application. We will also explore areas of salon management such as basic operational skills, communication, organization and leadership.

Body & Mind Wellness - $30

Learn strategies to calm your mind, relieve stress and enjoy wellness.

Book Illustration - $30

Write and illustrate your own concept for a children's book! You’ll learn sketching techniques for different animation styles and explore different types of media for creating images to go with your story. Finished stories will be printed and “published” at the end of the term.

Clay (Beginner) - $35

This option is for students who haven’t taken any clay construction. This is the first class you must take to learn basic hand-building techniques for pieces that we will glaze and fire in the kiln. We will make pinch pots, ornaments, ugly mugs, and more! You must be able to listen clearly to instructions and not be afraid to get your hands dirty! 

Clay (Advanced) - $35

Construction - $40

In this course, you’ll learn the necessary skills to measure, cut, construct and finish wood projects using a variety of wood and hand tools.

Crocheting (Beginner) - $30

In this CTF, you will learn basic crochet stitches (single stitch, increase, and invisible decrease) and will use these stitches to create dishcloths and a teddy bear.

Crocheting (Advanced) - $30

This class is for students who have already mastered the basics of crocheting. You’ll learn new stitches, including double stitches, half doubles, triple stitches, slip stitches and more. You’ll use these stitches to create a project of your choice (e.g. a crocheted cow).

Fit-4-Life - $50

You’ll try a range of activities and exercises, including swimming, high-intensity interval training, yoga and more! The goal is simple: work hard, try something new and have fun! We’ll be going on multiple field trips around the Spruce Grove area so there is a mandatory fee for this course.

Foods - $40

Hungry? Come explore and create some easy-to-prepare meals and leave those Mr. Noodles in the cupboard! You'll learn about meal nutrition and how to find a balance between good food and great taste. You’ll share in the preparation of meals and also in the responsibility of proper and timely cleanup.

Hand Sewing - $30

You’ll learn how to follow a pattern to create a product such as a stuffed animal, and practice hand stitching techniques to apply to future sewing projects.

How-To - $7

Want to be a YouTuber, video editor, movie maker or just create some really awesome school projects? In this course, led by Mr. Adams, you’ll create your own how-to videos. Practice with green screens and video editing apps, work with intro-outdo animations, create and mix music and combine clips together to entertain and inform people about almost any topic you want!

Kindness Project - $10

Thought of a career in a non-profit organization? Volunteering to help better the community? Working with children, adults or seniors? We're going to be doing our best to make a positive impact on the community around us. Whether it's a small act of kindness or a big group project, let's make an impact!

Mechanics - $50

Ever want to understand the basics of an engine? Build a dream car? Understand how a car is wired? Come join us for Middle School Mechanics! Optional to bring/build a model car!

Mixed Media: Journal Art - $30

This relaxing sketch class includes the opportunity to explore mixed media drawing and painting techniques over the course of the term to build a unique art journal. You will be supplied with your own sketchbook and pencil set, as we experiment with image transfer techniques, ink work and typography (script writing).

Scratch Coding - Free

Come join the coding CTF where you will learn everything from the very basics to advanced coding! No previous knowledge or experience is needed! 

Sports Leadership - Free

You’ll learn the fundamentals of various sports, including basketball, cycling, skating and volleyball.

Strategy & Design - Free

Do you like playing various board games like Connect 4 or checkers, card games such as cribbage or solving a Sudoku puzzle? We will look at different strategies to help you come out on the winning side of the game. We will also look at various STEAM challenges to test your creative side and your ability to work cooperatively with others.