Options & CTF Programs

The 24-25 Career & Technology Foundations Courses listed below are for Grades 7-9. 

CTF Complimentary/Option Courses are subject to change depending on student interest. Challenges may be added, changed or deleted.

CTF The 24 -25 Course Selection Google Form will be open form current Grade Six, Seven, and Eight students until 3:00 pm on Thursday, June 27th. 

If you have any questions our problems submitting your requests, please contact the office at prescott@psd.ca or by calling 780-571-8079 

2024 - 2025 Complementary Course Descriptions

Beauty Business - $30

Let’s get dolled up! Through research, hands-on experience and guest speakers, you’ll learn about hair care, makeup application, nail care, skin science, safety & sanitation and henna design and application. We will also explore areas of salon management such as basic operational skills, communication, organization and leadership.

Book Illustration - $40

Write and illustrate your own concept for a children's book! You’ll learn sketching techniques for different animation styles and explore different types of media for creating images to go with your story. Finished stories will be printed and “published” at the end of the term.

Clay (Beginner) - $40

This option is for students who haven’t taken any clay construction. If you would like to learn more about 3D art forms, this is for you! We will explore the use of plaster in mask-making & sculpture, create relief images with plasticine & clay, and learn the basics of clay construction and joining techniques.

Clay (Advanced) - $40

Continue your journey with what you learned in your Intro class, and we will create more complex sculptures with plaster, explore metal foil tooling/embossing, and create more functional pieces of clay for your use at home! (prereq - intro to sculpture)

Crafting - $30  Junior High Crafting - where creativity knows no bounds! In this hands-on course, participants will explore a variety of crafting techniques and materials. Students will unleash their imagination through engaging projects, experimenting with mediums of their choice. Whether crafting personalized gifts, designing wearable art, or inventing their own creations, participants will develop essential skills in problem solving  and innovation. Get ready to embark on a crafting journey filled with fun, discovery, and endless creative possibilities!

Fit-4-Life - $50

You’ll try a range of activities and exercises, including swimming, high-intensity interval training, yoga and more! The goal is simple: work hard, try something new and have fun! We’ll be going on multiple field trips around the Spruce Grove area so there is a mandatory fee for this course.

Foods - $45

Hungry? Come explore and create some easy-to-prepare meals and leave those Mr. Noodles in the cupboard! You'll learn about meal nutrition and how to find a balance between good food and great taste. You’ll share in the preparation of meals and also in the responsibility of proper and timely cleanup.

Hand Sewing - $30

Unleash your creativity with Hand Sewing! This course introduces students to the fundamentals of hand sewing, from basic stitches to more complex stitches. Through fun projects like plush toys and accessories participants will develop valuable sewing skills and take home some great projects!

Classroom Mentors- Free

In this junior high CTF class, students will serve as mentors in classrooms of younger students, 

providing academic support and fostering positive relationships. Through guided activities and hands-on experiences, mentors will develop leadership skills, enhance their understanding of teaching, and contribute to a collaborative learning environment.  

Kindness Project - $10

Thought of a career in a non-profit organization? Volunteering to help better the community? Working with children, adults or seniors? We're going to be doing our best to make a positive impact on the community around us. Whether it's a small act of kindness or a big group project, let's make an impact!

Mechanics - $50

Ever want to understand the basics of an engine? Build a dream car? Understand how a car is wired? Come join us for Middle School Mechanics! Optional to bring/build a model car!

Mixed Media: Journal Art - $40

This relaxing sketch class includes the opportunity to explore mixed media drawing and painting techniques over the course of the term to build a unique art journal. You will be supplied with your own sketchbook and pencil set, as we experiment with image transfer techniques, ink work and typography (script writing).

Sports Leadership - Free

You’ll learn the fundamentals of various sports, including basketball, cycling, skating and volleyball.

STEM Challenge - Free

Participate in small groups to complete a variety of different Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical  challenges. Students will use critical thinking skills and hands-on learning to learn the basics of the STEM world. 

Intro to AI - Free

An introductory course on how to use Artificial Intelligence for its many uses. We will spend a  certain number of weeks on different units. The units we plan to explore are: Generating photos with AI, Generating videos with AI, Generating Music with AI, and lastly, Generating Games with AI. 

Book Club - Free

Reading groups, finding a common passion for reading and discussing novels. Character development, plot analysis and comparison to movie production if applicable.

Travel around the World - Free

What are the most interesting countries in the world? What are some of the many sites that you could visit to get an authentic experience if you were to visit certain foreign countries? Do you know what you need to do in order to be safe in different countries if you were to visit them? In this course, we will explore a variety of countries on different continents and explore many activities and sites for each. We will also learn about what rules and restrictions there are in different countries that travelers need to know to keep themselves safe! We will also touch on how to book flights and accommodations for the best price to learn how to travel on a budget!

Print Making  Level 1 & 2 - $40

Students in this art class will explore a variety of printmaking relief techniques, including monoprinting and lino block cut prints.  At the end of the term, students will come home with a portfolio of hand-printed artworks crafted using both traditional and experimental printing methods. Our sustained project this term will be inspired by Pop Art history, including a look at the famous portraits by 20th century artist, Andy Warhol.

Creative Writing - Free

This engaging course invites students to explore various writing genres, learn essential techniques, and unleash their creativity through dynamic workshops and exercises. Participants will develop their storytelling skills, experiment with different writing styles, and share their work in a supportive environment.

Run with Harach - Free

This option contains everything you need to become a more accomplished runner. The class is intended for runners of all different abilities and experience levels. Whether you are just starting out or you are a more advanced runner you will get something out of this class. Every class will include a short discussion on a topic related to the sport of running, an actual run, and time to build a program specifically tailored to your own individual running goals. Bring your runners and lace up, we are ready to run!

Art - Drawing techniques for Portraits and Animals - $25

Learn about graphite & pencil techniques, facial and other proportions, and how to create textures for realistic 

skin & fur using your tools! Students will get a kit that includes tools, pencils, and sketchbooks. 

Film Studies- Free

We will be watching, critiquing, and analyzing different films that have earned the reputation of being "Great Films". We will delve into camera angles, sound, character development, plot development. Finally, students will be given a script and will need to create a short film utilizing the techniques we spend weeks dissecting. 

Watercolour Painting - $40

Students enrolled in this course will learn the fundamentals of watercolor painting techniques and color mixing. Both in class and outside, students will paint from life and subjects of their choice to capture various tones and textures in the world around them.

Scrapbooking - $20

Discover the art of memory preservation in our Scrapbooking Junior High course! Students will delve into the world of scrapbooking, learning techniques to creatively document their memories through photos, memorabilia, and embellishments. From designing layouts to crafting personalized albums, participants will unleash their creativity while honing their organizational and design skills.

Outdoor Pursuits - $20

A breath of fresh air! Safety, animal awareness and enjoying the great outdoors. Tips and tricks to have a great time while exploring the wilderness around us.

Event Planning 101- Free

If you are in grade 9 and want to be on the team that creates your Farewell event, join us! You will learn how to organize your team, get feedback from participants, create themes and decorations, work within a budget,  and participate in the setup for your actual event! 

Breakout rooms - Free

Students will work in small groups to solve puzzles and riddles as they complete a themed breakout. Students will use critical thinking and collaboration to "breakout" each week. BREAKOUT 

Study Hall Skills - Free

Are you constantly behind on homework? Do you need extra time to get stuff done? Sign up for Study Hall. Once a week you'll have the opportunity to explore a new study skill. After a short lesson, you will then have time to work on homework assignments, make cue cards or other study materials, or even just read a book occasionally. Students who sign up for this option must be willing to turn in their phones at the beginning of each class.

Introduction to Knitting & Crocheting - $25

Want to learn to crochet and knit? This is the class for you. You will learn the basics of crocheting and knitting and how to follow a simple pattern. In this class we will be knitting or crocheting a scarf, a hat, and a pair of mitts. Those who perfect their skills will have the opportunity to try other patterns as well.

Leadership & Student Council - $10 

If you want to make a difference in your school community and the Parkland Community, join the Student Council/Leadership Group.  In this group you will have the opportunity to help plan and organize school dances, holiday activities, theme days, and other fun events in the school.  As part of this option, we will also learn about what makes a good volunteer.  We will use these skills to do volunteer work on two separate field trips in our community.

How To - $7       

Want to be a YouTuber, video editor, movie maker or just create some really awesome school projects? In this course, led by Mr. Adams, you’ll create your own how-to videos. Practice with green screens and video editing apps, work with intro-outdo animations, create and mix music and combine clips together to entertain and inform people about almost any topic you want!

Coding - Free

In this course, you will learn the basics of computer coding and put your knowledge to use by creating games and other awesome stuff!

Strategy & Design - Free 

Do you like playing various board games like connect 4 or checkers and card games such as cribbage or solving a Sudoku puzzle?  We will look at different strategies to help you come out on the winning side of the game.  We will also look at some various STEAM challenges to test your creative side as well as your ability to work cooperatively with others.

Sports Leadership- Cycling SPRING TERM ONLY - $10

Calling all Tour-De-France enthusiasts! Time to strap on a helmet and hit the open road! In this option we will be exploring the wonderful world of cycling! Learn maintenance, technique, and job opportunities as we dive into the different types of cycling around the world.

***Must be able to bring a bicycle to school for this option***

Yearbook - Free

Do you like to design, take pictures and want to have a chance to create a one of a kind yearbook for the school next year?  Come be a part of history and join the Yearbook CTF.

Outdoor ED Camping - $30

"Time to channel your inner ""survivorman"" in this option! If camping, orienteering, knots, fire starting and cooperative games (just to name a few activities we'll be doing) sound fun, this is the option for you!

***This option includes an overnight camping trip***"